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Licensed Paralegal Representation in a London Small Claims Court

Carmen Dawdy Paralegal Services can provide you with the access to justice without risking big legal fees. Our licensed paralegals are qualified and insured to represent you in a small claims court.

Traffic Offence

Traffic Offence

Don’t allow one traffic
ticket to affect you
for years

Tenant Matters

Tenant Matters

Receive legal advice
when facing the
tenant board

Experience Matters

Experience Matters

Put 12 years of courtroom
experience on
your side

Do You Qualify for Small Claims?

Small claims deals with almost half of all civil claims over any matter up to $35,000. Defend your property and claims with the help of Carmen Dawdy Paralegal Services.

We are dedicated to providing thorough service with sound legal advice for any of your small claims. Our paralegals have experience in a small claims court handling:

  • Breach of contract
  • Debt collection and settlement
  • Garnishment
  • Payment for repairs

Dependable Paralegals in a Small Claims Court

Carmen Dawdy Paralegal Services offers legal services you can depend on. We will handle your case from start to finish and explain the entire process to you as it happens.


Call us to discuss your small claims issue with a paralegal at Carmen Dawdy Paralegal Services in London today.

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