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Your Dedicated Paralegals in London

Founded in 2010, Carmen Dawdy Paralegal Services offers over 12 years of courtroom experience to guide you through your small claims, Highway Traffic Act and landlord or tenant matters with dedicated legal service and sound advice.

Carmen Dawdy

Our "Leave It in Our Hands" Mission

Carmen Dawdy Paralegal Services has 2 paralegals and one legal assistant to provide you with a detailed and thorough defence. When we take over your case, you can expect comprehensive assistance and advice through the entire process.


Guidelines for Choosing a Paralegal

You should never settle a case on your own. A licensed paralegal will have valuable experience and knowledge to represent you in a court of law and before a tribunal . Take these precautionary measures before choosing a paralegal to stand for you:

  • Call and ask if they will take your case
  • Find out if they charge per hour or per case
  • Book a consultation
  • Ask about specific experience pertaining to your case
  • Request an estimate; be sure there are no extra costs above their fees
Traffic Offence

Traffic Offence

Don’t allow one traffic
ticket to affect you
for years

Tenant Matters

Landlord Matters

Receive legal advice
when facing the
tenant board


Small Claims

We have courtroom
experience for your
legal needs

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